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Gameful Computational Thinking (SAGE)

Seeking undergraduate and graduate students in Computer Science and related fields. Also see separate project description for students with formal background in education.

Inspired by CS for All?  The Programming Systems Lab, led by Professor Gail Kaiser, is building a collaborative game-based learning and assessment system intended to help teachers infuse computational thinking in grade 6-8 curricula.  We’re recruiting students interested in collaborating as a Scrum team to continue development of several features:

  • A gameful direct instruction system that embeds Parson’s Programming Puzzles in Scratch
  • A gameful constructionism mode that integrates scoring systems for play and automated formative assessment through Blockly
  • A gameful intelligent tutor that provides hints on-demand and just-in-time via clustering, sequential pattern mining, and behavior detection algorithms
  • A gameful affinity space that enables curricula assimilation with quest management and learning metrics using Node.js and Angular

Participants should register for 3 credits of COMS E6901 (graduate students) or COMS W3998 (undergraduates).  CVN students are welcome.

To learn more, please contact Jeff Bender, jeffrey.bender@columbia.edu.

SAGE | Social Addictive Gameful Engineering