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COMS E6156: Topics in Software Engineering (TSE)

Prof. Kaiser teaches COMS E6156 Topics in Software Engineering in the Spring. 6156 is a graduate seminar (qualified undergraduates are welcome) oriented towards students who aspire to be researchers or technology leaders. 6156 is not “more” 4156, and not “more advanced” 4156. 4156 is about doing software engineering, and 6156 is about improving software engineering including software security.   Prerequisites: Background equivalent to 4156 and/or 4181. Students choose their own forward-looking topics for their midterm papers and final projects within software engineering, broadly construed; most recent students have studied program analysis and/or AI techniques for solving SE or security problems. Students also lead class discussions on recent research papers. 6156 is a track elective for the CS MS Software Systems track and may be accepted as a track elective for a different track for those students who choose paper and project topics relevant to their track (contact your track advisor). 6156 is a technical elective for CS doctoral students and for all CS/CE MS and undergraduate tracks.