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Project Student Advertisements

The Programming Systems Laboratory (PSL) conducts research primarily in software engineering, following a systems building approach, in recent years focusing on static and dynamic program analysis techniques with goals towards improving software reliability and security.  We are seeking MS and advanced undergraduate students for individual and team research and development projects. Preference is for students interested in participating for multiple consecutive semesters, potentially including summer(s).  Prerequisites (except as otherwise specified for particular projects): Excellent Java/JVM programming skills; Python and C/C++ a plus. Time commitment approximately 12 hours per week for a 3-point project. However, projects are graded based on results rather than effort, so prospective project students must have strong time management and organizational skills. Unless specified otherwise for the particular project, most work will be conducted in the Programming Systems Lab, located in 6LE1 CEPSR; some work can be conducted remotely.

Specific projects seeking new students:

Adding JVM Support to rr

Mutable Replay

Gameful Computational Thinking