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Project Proposal

Due Tuesday March 6th by 10am

Post on CourseWorks in the Project Proposals folder.

Maximum three (3) pages, not including figures and reference list (if any).

You are permitted, but not required, to work in teams for the project. Teams may have 2 or more members, where all members must be enrolled in this course (either 6125 or the “non-technical” option).  Teams must be self-organized, the teaching staff will not assign or arrange teams. See teaming advice here. In the case of a team, submit only one (1) project proposal per team. Invent a name for your team, and also list on the first page of the document the full names and email addresses of all team members.

Your project may involve building a new system or extending an existing system.  In that case the “deliverables” will consist of the source code and executables of a relatively small program or set of programs, totaling about 1k-2k lines of “new” code per team member.  “Reuse” of existing open source or otherwise freely available software is encouraged, but must be clearly documented. You may use any programming or scripting language(s) on any platform where it will be easy to show a final demo to the teaching staff.

You may alternatively evaluate an existing system or compare two or more existing systems with respect to some technical criteria.  In that case, your “deliverables” should consist primarily of documentation of your procedures and findings, and also include any auxiliary programs or scripts used.  The evaluated system(s) must be publicly accessible (e.g., accessed over the web, free trial download). You will need to “show” the system(s) and a sample of your evaluation procedure during your final demo to the teaching staff.

Numerous topic areas are suggested here, and you may invent your own. You may “continue” your paper topic towards a project, but this is not required, you may instead do something entirely different.

For this assignment, you should sketch the project you have in mind, including both the functionality or evaluation you aim to achieve and the technology you plan to use.   In the case of multi-student teams, also very briefly propose a “management structure”, e.g., who is in charge of scheduling team meetings, who is in charge of the code repository and version control, who is in charge of collecting and editing documentation (these could all be the same person, although that may not be the best organization). You will have the opportunity to modify your project topic, following feedback from the teaching staff, when you submit your progress report (due April 3rd).

All documents must be submitted in pdf, word, html or plain ascii text, with all figures embedded or viewable in an ordinary browser without special “plugins”.   It is your responsibility to ensure all submissions are “safe” prior to submission; any submissions that make a virus or malware checker unhappy will not be read or graded.

All main document files (but not code, scripts, etc.) are to be named using this schema: Assignment_Author. For example, the submitted file containing an individual student’s project proposal should have a file name like Project_Proposal_Jane_Doe.pdf; for a team project, use your team name in your file name like Project_Proposal_Three_Stooges.pdf.  10% credit will be subtracted when the document file name does not include the assignment name and the student or team name.  Project_Proposal_jd2001.pdf is not acceptable.  6125_Three_Stooges.pdf is not acceptable.