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Project Progress Report

Due Tuesday April 3rd by 10am

Post on CourseWorks in the Project Progress Reports folder.

Maximum four (4) pages, not including figures and references; there should definitely be some figures as well as references to any external software used.

In the case where you are building a new system or extending an existing system, explain what exactly you plan for your system or extension to “do”.  Describe for what prospective user community it is targeted and what value it will provide to that community. Sketch the top-level architecture of your project, indicating each component that runs in a separate operating system process and/or on a separate host.  Diagram and explain the communications flows between these components, including protocols to be used and typical messaging sequences. Document any components that you are not implementing yourself, but that are required for your application to operate – and then make sure you’ve found such components that you can use and that work the way you want them to. Include how to access these components (e.g., URL). Use of freely available APIs, toolkits and components is strongly encouraged but must be documented.

In the case where you are evaluating a system or systems (including toolkits, frameworks, APIs, etc.) developed by others, first indicate which systems and how you will obtain them (e.g., URL). Make sure that you can indeed use and operate the chosen system(s)! Explain what you plan to measure and how you will measure it, whether quantitative and/or qualitative (preferably both).  Briefly define what criteria you will use to compare/contrast or otherwise investigate, and discuss why these are significant or important for the relevant user community (which might include developers and/or administrators as opposed to ultimate end-users).  Present the top-level architecture of those systems as they will operate during your experiments, including any communications flows that are germane to your study.    Discuss your plans for test application(s) and/or benchmark(s), including any addon drivers, scripts, etc. you expect to construct for your experiments.

Finally, in either case, plan a 15-20 minute demo.  Briefly describe what you expect to be able to show.  The demos will take place between April 17th and May 1st (inclusive). Schedule as soon as possible with your TA (note the TA who grades your project proposal may not be the same TA who graded your paper); all team members must be present. (CVN students should prepare demos that can be accessed over the web or through a remote shared desktop if it would be impractical to come to campus.) You will also be required to submit a final report, due Wednesday May 2nd.

All documents must be submitted in pdf, word, html or plain ascii text, with all figures embedded or viewable in an ordinary browser without special “plugins”; if multiple files are used for figures or for any other reason, submit a bundled archive.   It is your responsibility to ensure all submissions are “safe” prior to submission; any submissions that make a malware checker unhappy will not be read or graded.

All main documents (and archives) are to be named using this schema: Assignment_Author. For example, the submitted file containing an individual student’s progress report should have a file name like Progress_Report_Jane_Doe.pdf; for a team project, use a name like Progress_Report_Three_Stooges.pdf.  10% credit will be subtracted when the document file name does not include the assignment name and the student or team name.  Progress_Report_jd2001.pdf is not acceptable.  6125_Three_Stooges.pdf is not acceptable.