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Project Final Report

Due Wednesday May 2nd by 5pm

Post on CourseWorks in the Project Final Reports folder.

Maximum ten (10) pages, not including figures and/or references. There should definitely be some figures, for instance including architectural diagrams, screenshots, etc. A picture is worth a megaword.  With respect to prose, shorter is generally better than longer… a five page final report, if it includes everything that we need to know, is fine.

Each final report should be fully self-contained, that is, include a brief recap of the material from your project proposal and your progress report documents, updated to indicate what you really completed. Check for any instructor and TA comments on these earlier documents (or regarding your midterm paper, if relevant), and make sure to include responses in your final report. Also respond to any comments made during your demo.

The main body of your final report should present your results or findings, and describe in detail what you learned from doing this project – particularly focusing on anything you didn’t already know. Very briefly discuss anything you had planned to do but didn’t do or didn’t complete, explaining the “challenges” encountered (which could be just running out of time, that’s ok).

In the case of a group project, include a short section explaining briefly who in particular did what. For both individual and group projects, be very careful to clearly detail any code, frameworks, scripts, tools, etc. “reused” from either a past (or concurrent) project or developed by <someone else>.

Also submit an archive containing all new code written for this project, with a README.txt file explaining where and how to obtain any external source code or executables required (e.g., download urls).

All documents must be submitted in pdf, word, html or plain ascii text, with all figures embedded or viewable in an ordinary browser without special “plugins”   It is your responsibility to ensure all submissions are “safe” prior to submission; any submissions that make a virus or malware checker unhappy will not be read or graded.

All main documents (and archives) are to be named using this scheme: Assignment_Author. For example, the submitted file containing an individual student’s final report should have a file name like Final_Report_John_Doe.pdf, and for a team like Final_Report_Seven_Dwarves.pdf.  10% credit will be subtracted when the document file name does not include the assignment name and the student or team name.  Final_Report_jd2001.pdf is not acceptable.  6125_Seven_Dwarves.pdf is not acceptable.