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Paper Outline

Due Tuesday February 14th by 10am

Post on CourseWorks in the Paper Outlines folder.

The paper outline should be no more than four (4) pages, not including figures (optional) and tentative reference list (required).

The full paper should be about 15 pages on some topic relevant to Web Enhanced Information Management, due Tuesday February 28th.

For this assignment, plan out and outline your paper.  Each full paper should have a title, an author (with contact information), a brief abstract (about 100 words), an introductory section, some number of body sections (3-5 is typical), a concluding section, and a list of references that are cited in the paper.

The point of this assignment is to figure out what will be in those body sections, down to the level of subsections or even subsubsections if appropriate – and to motivate your reading to fill in those sections.  Think also about your introduction and conclusion, particularly to explain the topic and your point of view to the reader, and to make (and satisfactorily justify!) some argument. Pretend your reader will be another member of the class, who has heard all the same preliminary lectures you have, but may not know anything at all about the specifics of your particular topic.

All documents must be submitted in pdf, word, html or plain ascii text, with all figures embedded or viewable in an ordinary browser without special “plugins”.   It is your responsibility to ensure all submissions are “safe” prior to submission; any submissions that make a malware checker unhappy will not be read or graded.

All document files are to be named using this schema: Assignment_Author.  For example, the submitted file containing a student’s paper outline should have a file name like Paper_Outline_Jane_Doe.pdf.  10% credit will be subtracted when the document file name does not include both the assignment name and the student’s full name (not the uni).  Paper_Outline_jd2011.pdf is not acceptable.  6125_Jane_Doe.pdf is not acceptable.