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COMS W4156 Fall 2013 Assignment 1

COMS W4156 – Assignment 1

Assigned: September 3, 2013

Due: September 10, 2013 at 17:00

Yahoo provides an HTTP interface to data about historical stock prices.
As a warm up for this class you are required to build a piece of software to retrieve information from this API and answer specific questions about various stocks.
In addition to answering questions about individual stocks your application will need to store all retrieved information into a database and you will also need to log the time of each request into the database.
Your application will be required to answer questions about the logged information.
This assignment is required for all students currently enrolled and for all students on the wait list.
Students will not be allowed off of the wait list without completing the assignment on time.
TAs will not be answering questions about the assignment before the due date.
We will post all grades by September 12, 2013.

Programming Assignment

The programming instructions can be found here.


  • Pass – Your application returns the correct responses for at least 90% of our test cases.
  • Borderline – Your application returns correct responses for at least 80% of the test cases.
    You may remain in the class but we encourage you to consider dropping the class and return later with more experience.
  • Fail – Your application returns correct responses for less then 80% of the test cases.
    You will be required to drop the class if you are currently in the class and you will not be allowed into the class if you are on the waiting list.

Turn In:

You will turn in your project via Git.
We will distribute credentials on the first day of class.
We will grade the last commit on the master branch before the due time.
DO NOT publish your assignment on an any kind of public Git host such as Git Hub or Bit Bucket.
We will consider such action to be an academic integrity violation and you will fail the assignment.
You may use private hosting that is not publicly accessible.

Do not email your assignment to Dr. Kaiser.
Doing so will result in assignment failure.


  • This is an individual programming assignment. ¬†Anyone cheating, collaborating or enabling others to cheat will be assigned a failing grade and will be reported to the school of engineering.
  • If you see this assignment before the assigned date listed above you are welcome to begin working.
  • If you are looking for the waiver assignment it is available here.