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Gameful Computational Thinking

Inspired by CS for All?  Eager to contribute?  The Programming Systems Lab, led by Professor Gail Kaiser, is building a collaborative game-based learning and assessment system that infuses computational thinking in grade 6-8 curricula.  Near-term projects involve:
  • Tooling Scratch with additional game design features
  • Expanding a visual assessment language and authoring environment based in Blockly
  • Enhancing an assessment server coded in Go and increasingly leveraging Node.js
  • Developing automated assessment plug-ins in any language capable of exposing HTTP endpoints
  • Visualizing formative feedback in an online dashboard with Bootstrap, AngularJS, and Node.js
  • Building a web-based affinity space to enable the crowdsourcing of game and assessment libraries
  • Architecting infrastructure to support student modeling and knowledge tracing
  • Designing experiments for system evaluation in after-school and classroom environments
Alternative project proposals and CVN students are welcome.  Participants will register for 3 credits of COMS E6901, section 014.  To learn more, please contact Jeff Bender, jeffrey.bender@columbia.edu.
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